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carolyn dickson

About me... I could tell you all about the trials and tragedies I have been through, but really....

your healing journey is all about you. I am merely a facilitator to help you reconnect to yourself, clear out and find your own inner guidance for moving forward.


I will share... I have always participated in talking therapies.... which helps me understand my thought process and patterns, but they only get me so far. Pharmaceuticals were never an answer for me... instead, I gravitated to kinesiologists, reiki masters and energetic wizards... determined to help clear out and keep moving forward.

I 100% believe that the more we hold on to, the more chance we have of creating sickness for ourselves. Studies have shown that 90% of physical and emotional issues are linked to chronic stress. Stress takes us out of the present, making it difficult to connect to ourselves. 

My practice is focussed on triggering a relaxation state, allowing you to switch off your mind, release stress and allow you to find your own path forward. 


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